Parking in Stoke Bishop Village

We have recently received an update from Bristol City Council regarding the new 1 hour parking zone restrictions in Stoke Bishop village. The following is taken from a letter from Bristol City Council’s Parking Enforcement and Civil Operations Manager:

The new restrictions in place have not yet been enforced.

Parking Services have been waiting for the area to be signed off and all regulated lines and signs installed. I understand this has now been completed and the area is enforceable.

We are in the process of placing the new regulations in the hand held devices to enable enforcement.

Once this is completed the area will be patrolled as part of a general patrol of the area.

We will initially be advising motorists/residents of the new restrictions, educating them on the new restrictions.

I have already briefed the Supervisors as to the new restrictions across the ward and they will be familiarising themselves and their respective teams, on the new controlled parking.

I expect that enforcement will begin in the next week or so, once we have updated our hand held computers and advised all staff.

Bristol City Council’s Parking Enforcement and Civil Operations Manager, May 2022

Published by sneydparkresidentsassociation

Established in 1969, SPRA (Sneyd Park Residents' Association) is a membership organisation run by a volunteer committee of residents to maintain the character of the Sneyd Park area of Bristol, officially designated as a conservation area since 1981.

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