Residents’ Survey: Downs music festivals 2021/22

As residents of Sneyd Park, now is the opportunity to have your say, if you have strong views about last year’s ‘Love Saves The Day’ music festival or the festival at the same location on the Downs which is proposed for September 2022.

The following brief survey will be fed back to Bristol City Council and the Downs Committee, who are responsible for sanctioning such events. The more respondents there are to this survey, we can influence future decisions on such events.

You may complete the form below, use the form that appears in the latest SPRA newsletter (Spring 2022) or email me at the address show in the newsletter.

Many thanks

Steve Small, SPRA Chairman

‘Love Saves The Day’ festival (2021) and the proposed 2022 festival in the same location:

Please tick the box next to the answer that best describes your view (therefore choosing answer (a), (b), (c) or (d), as follows:

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Established in 1969, SPRA (Sneyd Park Residents' Association) is a membership organisation run by a volunteer committee of residents to maintain the character of the Sneyd Park area of Bristol, officially designated as a conservation area since 1981.

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