What we produce

Sneyd Park view

We distribute a newsletter to members three times a year (in Spring, Summer and Winter). We produce minutes of the AGM which is normally held in May. In addition there is a useful guide to the planning rules relating to hedges and trees.

The latest versions of all of these documents can be downloaded using the links below.

Downloadable documents


The Trees & Hedges document is formatted as an rtf file (rich text format) which can be opened with MS Word, Wordpad and other word processors. The newsletters and AGM minutes are pdf files which can be opened using Adobe Reader. Most computers will have the necessary software for this. If you experience difficulties, the latest version of Adobe Reader can be downloaded free from our links page.

Depending on your computer settings, left-clicking the links may open them in a browser window. If you would like to save one as a file on your computer, right-click the link and select SaveTargetAs (Internet Explorer) or SaveLinkAs (Firefox).