Sneyd Park Residents' Association

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NewsUpdated 2 September 2018

Special Meeting on Tuesday 18 September

All members and residents are invited to a Special Meeting on Tuesday 18 September in St Mary’s, Stoke Bishop, from 7.30 to 9.30 pm. This is to provide an update on the Committee’s activities since the AGM in May. Do come along to let us have your views and to meet your new Chairman Steve Small and your Committee.

Other News

We have co-opted two new members to serve on the Committee, Chris Byrne, and Patricia Rogers. Chris will take on the role of Membership Secretary. Our current Layout Editor, Sue Morris, who is retiring after some ten years helping with the Newsletter, has introduced Olivia Daly, a former colleague, who will take over from Sue in time for the winter issue

Payment of subs by Standing Order is being introduced immediately with forms being delivered with the Summer Newsletter, now on its way to members. The s/o form includes a space for members’ email addresses to facilitate swifter communication with individuals or groups of members

Invitations to join the Association are being sent to residents living in Stoke Park Road, Old Sneed Avenue, Old Sneed Road and Druid Road, all of which are in the Conservation Area. This is intended to reinforce our role in our representations to Bristol City Council and others

Why SPRA exists

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Sneyd Park is part of the Stoke Bishop district of Bristol, much of it falling within the Sneyd Park Conservation Area (SPCA).

The association’s area of interest is bounded by the following highways: Rockleaze, Downleaze, Stoke Hill, Old Sneed Avenue (to the junction with Roman Way and Avon Way) and Glenavon Park, to the edge of the Portway.

The links page offers access to Bristol City Council pages on conservation areas and specifically to an SPCA document with a defining map.

Under its constitution, the association’s aims and objectives are:

To maintain the existing character of the area by aiming to represent the views of the residents in general matters of planning and environmental issues and to promote community issues of benefit to the residents of Sneyd Park.


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Membership is open to all residents within Sneyd Park. Benefits include help with planning matters, three newsletters each year in March, July and November and one or two social events. Our annual membership subscription is £5.00 per household. To find out more about joining, please contact the membership secretary.


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Each year at the AGM in May a small committee is elected and this normally meets about six times a year or more frequently if necessary.

We look for new ideas and input from members and welcome constructive criticism. If you feel you would like to join the committee or may be able to help the association in some way, please contact the chairman.