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NewsUpdated 30 June 2016

A proposal to place a burger van next to the Ice Cream Van on the Downs near the look-out area on Circular Road is taking up a lot of our Chairmanís time. Weíve received a lot of emails, phone calls and letters from members expressing serious objections to this idea. Principal concerns include, the spoiling of an iconic site, the smell of cooking, the extended hours of operation, noise pollution, light pollution and attracting commercial vehicles from early morning and late-night revellers after dusk! Gerry is pressing these points - and many others - at every opportunity, both at City Council committee meetings and in conversation with our two City Councillors: John Goulandris and Peter Abraham. Itís not too late to object and, as we all know, the number of objections really can count when the proposal is being debated. So, why not email the Mayor, or your Councillor . Every single email strengthens the case against this intrusion into the tranquillity of this special place.

The proposal for a concert, close to the Circular Road, has also increased our post bag! Both this and the burger van idea were discussed at our recent AGM. An account of the discussion and advice from Cllr Peter Abraham are covered fully in the minutes which can be downloaded here. The email address for objections is - again, every email counts!

This yearís AGM and social evening attracted around 150 members and we plan to adopt Ė and improve Ė the same general formula for next yearís meeting. There appears to be an appetite for more social activities and your committee is open to ideas and suggestions Ė as long as these include offers of help in making all the arrangements! If you think you might be able to assist in this way, do please get in touch with any member of the committee.

Work has begun on the appraisal of the Conservation Area, but we really do need a bit of help from members if we are to hit our target deadlines. Just a few hours over a single day would be hugely helpful. Richard Bland, who has kindly agreed to head up the project, emphasises that no special skills are necessary. All it needs is a slow walk along one of our roads, observing and noting down its main characteristics, using a checklist as guidance. So do please help us with this important review. Once our observations are accepted by Bristol City Council, the new Conservation Area Statement for Sneyd Park will be a robust protection from inappropriate development proposals. Contact any member of the committee.

Why SPRA exists

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Sneyd Park is part of the Stoke Bishop district of Bristol, much of it falling within the Sneyd Park Conservation Area (SPCA).

The associationís area of interest is bounded by the following highways: Rockleaze, Downleaze, Stoke Hill, Old Sneed Avenue (to the junction with Roman Way and Avon Way) and Glenavon Park, to the edge of the Portway.

The links page offers access to Bristol City Council pages on conservation areas and specifically to an SPCA document with a defining map.

Under its constitution, the associationís aims and objectives are:

To maintain the existing character of the area by aiming to represent the views of the residents in general matters of planning and environmental issues and to promote community issues of benefit to the residents of Sneyd Park.


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Membership is open to all residents within Sneyd Park. Benefits include help with planning matters, three newsletters each year in March, July and November and one or two social events. Our annual membership subscription is £5.00 per household. To find out more about joining, please contact the membership secretary.


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Each year at the AGM in May a small committee is elected and this normally meets about eight times a year or more frequently if necessary. The committee publishes minutes which may be found here.

We look for new ideas and input from members and welcome constructive criticism. If you feel you would like to join the committee or may be able to help the association in some way, please contact the chairman.